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Booster for the digital school: findings from the business world to help teachers et al.

An interview with Rupert Schäfer and Marian Sander


The coronavirus crisis puts the improvable status quo of the German education system in the context of digitalization on the agenda. Schools across Germany have been closed for weeks, and since then, education has had to be provided virtually. To be fair: There was hardly any time to adapt to digital teaching methods. Subsequently, teachers, parents and students are now the ones who have to struggle with this. And while physical instruction appears to remain wishful thinking for the foreseeable future, educational institutions in this country lack both the necessary technical infrastructure and the corresponding know-how of teachers to translate content into the digital space.


The need for action is great. But what can help? For us as a digital strategy consultancy, one thing above all came to mind here: free remote tools, which we ourselves work with on a daily basis and which are also suitable for the home schooling sector, should be presented and explained. Not a panacea, but perhaps a good pressure bandage. No sooner said than done: In cooperation with Digitale Stadt München e.V., we have put together a series of emergency aid measures over the past few weeks – including suitable digital tools, methods and content for virtual classroom design, and a series of webinars to deepen the package of measures. Rupert Schäfer, Nunatak’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner, and Project Lead Marian Sander explain the background of the idea and why the quick fixes are interesting not only for teachers. 

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