It is terrible to see children starving, suffering or even dying in war. We as the Nunatak Group have decided to donate €10,000 to “Save the Children International”, an organization that has been working with children and their families from Ukraine for over a decade.

Please join us and support the organization we have chosen or any other NGO!

This is a first step and one of the few things we can do to alleviate the consequences of this terrible situation which is happening not far away from us.

Hearing the shelling not only for days or weeks, but for years (as in eastern Ukraine), leaves a permanent mark on children’s minds. Hiding in bunkers and later leaving your home as refugees is a very traumatic experience. Being separated from your parents at a young age is catastrophic.

Although adults are also suffering, we have chosen a recipient that focuses on children because they have become an important part of our company’s life: 15 children of Nunatak employees have the privilege of growing up in Munich and the surrounding area in a safe environment in one of the richest regions in the world – they live with their parents and are not displaced.

Our hope these days is that all the war-affected children in the world will be rescued and will also be able to live safe and healthy lives. Each one of them will make the world a better place as they grow up and learn the value of peace and understanding.

For more information visit: https://www.savethechildren.net/

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