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    Corporate Innovation Management

    The US American Thomas Alva Edison was one of the greatest innovators in modern history. The telegraph, the phonograph, the spread of the light bulb all go on his thinker’s account. But Edison enriched the world with many more ideas. In the course of his 84 years of life, he registered 1093 patents, in 1884 there were almost 70, a new invention every five days. Were they all implemented? No. Did he make mistakes? Plenty.

    And yet Edison never let himself be put off. He worked tirelessly. Highly motivated. A wide variety of interests. The Edison principle still applies today. Innovation is rarely a random result, it is based on hard work and perseverance. What Steve Jobs demanded of himself and his development team has long been legend: “Innovation is saying ‘no’ to a thousand things.” And that’s exactly what the challenge for companies is.

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