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    New Urban Mobility

    Published: 19.03.2020
    Last updated on: 01.07.2020

    In our Nunatak study, we focus on the current trend topic: micromobility. E-scooters have recently started to dominate the cityscape and media landscape in Germany. With this study, we at The Nunatak Group take stock of the situation.

    Will e-scooters drive cars out of city centers? Will we fly with air taxis to the train station or airport? These and many other questions are being asked not only by cities and transportation companies, but also by the automotive industry and its suppliers. E-mobility, micromobility, digitalization and autonomous driving are some of the developments that open up new challenges, but also new market opportunities. In this environment, e-scooters are an addition, but not (yet) a complete revolution. However, user demands are changing, and our study shows that many users are already living the change today.

    "26.2% of all e-scooter users drive several times a week - more often than with any other service."

    The mobility transformation is here

    New mobility services are increasingly establishing themselves – across all age groups. More than half of individuals 18-45 years old currently use new mobility services on a regular basis. Even in higher age groups, the figure is still almost a quarter.

    E-scooters have become firmly established in the mobility mix.

    After car sharing and bike sharing, e-scooters are among the most popular new mobility services. In fact, 17.7 percent of all respondents drive them regularly. Especially exciting: every fourth current user drives an e-scooter several times a week. No other service is used so regularly.

    We made our study results public on 13 November 2019, as part of our “New Urban Mobility” event. Please feel free to request the complete study. To do so, please contact Jérôme Nonnenmacher, the head of the study, by phone at +49 (89) 997 436 714, or by e-mail using the button below.

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