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    Published: 26.05.2020
    Last updated on: 26.06.2020

    230 managers from major German-speaking companies participated in our recent study of digitization initiatives before, during and after Corona. We at The Nunatak Group share our insights and give you our recommended course of action.

    The cross-industry survey of decision makers has revealed that top managers in Germany believe that the current crisis will change the economy significantly and in the long term. Companies in Germany will become more digital and customer-oriented, and will modernize their internal structures, thus reaching the next level of digitalization, which we call #NextLevelDigital.

    "Approximately 80% of digital decision makers state that since the beginning of the Corona crisis, digitization initiatives in their companies have been expanded sustainably. Only 8% believe that the initiatives launched will return to the pre-corona state."

    Situation in companies: low level of digitization

    The survey also shows that there is still a large gap between the intention to successfully transform a company and the current status. The majority of respondents (57 percent) still considered the degree of digitization of their company before the crisis to be low or very low. “Decision-makers are now challenged to identify areas of action in their companies that will receive a significant boost from accelerated digitization and to invest accordingly,” adds Robert Jacobi, co-founder and CEO of The Nunatak Group.

    For more details on the fields of action that the surveyed decision-makers consider to be important, please refer to our study paper.

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    Please feel free to request the complete study. To do so, please contact Robert Jacobi, Juliane Albach or Martin Anders, the leads of the study, by phone at +49 (89) 997 436 714, or by e-mail using the button below.

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