E-scooters from various manufacturers have been decorating the streets of Munich for more than half a year now. In our “New Urban Mobility” study, published last November, we took a closer look at the providers from the customer’s perspective. Konstantin Burger, Operations Manager in Germany for the e-scooter supplier Dott, was among the guests for the corresponding event, and invited us to personally check out the factory and warehouses of the young Dutch start-up based in Garching.

Dott is now the sixth e-scooter manufacturer to try their luck in the Bavarian capital and the second, after Tier, to settle down in Garching. Even the recent – presumably business-related – merger of Bird and Circ has not clouded the Dott team’s optimism.

1.200 scooters are already on Munich’s streets – the exact quantity that the city allows. 14 employees (among them four mechanics) can be counted by Dott in Garching – “Juicer”, who charge electric scooters in their own home, do not exist. Apart from general information, we were given a detailed insight into the whole operative process, from the delivery of broken e-scooters after the night shift, maintenance, spare parts storage, repair and recharging to the loading of the delivery vehicles of the “new” scooters.

The most exciting news for us was certainly that Dott, represented by CEO Maxime Romain, is also clearly convinced that e-scooters will only be the first step towards an international brand for micromobility. Further vehicles such as e-bikes are already in planning. A weekly flat rate for the booking of e-scooters will also follow. All of these are topics that we touched on in our study on “New Urban Mobility” a few months ago.

It will be exciting to see how the entrants from the Netherlands will perform in the highly competitive Munich e-scooter market over the next few months. Especially when temperatures rise again the weather is practically inviting for e-scooter cruising.

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