Of mountain worlds and signposts in times of digital change

About the new, the permanent and our identity – which unites both


Welcome to the new digital home of Nunatak! Having outgrown the appearance of our founding days, we are now entering a new decade, building a bridge between our roots and what has made us what we are today – and what we will be in the future. Guided by our internal brand-relaunch circle and implemented with a lot of leeway, this new identity will act as both our anchor and our sail.

If you know us, you know that the word “nunatak” means “signpost” in the language of the Inuit. But nunataks are also mountains that are constantly growing. We identify with both associations, in the past as well as today – and especially in challenging times like these, when leadership and advice seem all the more important. At the same time, our new identity is designed to create a balance between old and new, values and growth. Our company is constantly changing, as is the world in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However, many things should and will always remain the same – such as our efforts to strategically master the challenges of digitalization together with our clients, to seize opportunities and grow beyond them. Similar to a mountain peak, which, although surrounded by constant change, always offers an overview, and in doing so opens up new perspectives.

One team. One identity. One look and feel. Your guide in times of digital change.

Our new visual identity was created to represent us worldwide – to our clients, to our employees and to applicants who share our ideals. At the same time, it has an internal effect and unites our own striving for innovation and renewal. It consists of graphic elements that were designed especially for us. It was clear that the mountain that gives us our name should become part of this mission statement. So we – together with Pentacoastal Studio – programmed mountain massifs in WebGL to generate web animations and static snapshots for all print materials. The generative design makes each mountain range unique – and thanks to the combination of alpine optics and digital code framework, it fits perfectly with the Nunatak concept. 

Our new logo & typeface 

The proven name that – at its core – stands as a constant. With a new signature that underlines our path into the future. 

Our name has been reduced to its core – and so has our logo: The Nunatak Group has become Nunatak. This is our response to input from our friends, clients and partners, and our way of creating clarity in our internal and external communication. Our font brand has been modernized, refined and realigned – a further development of our first logo to emphasize the typical role and attitude of a digital signpost.

Our new visual world 

Independence meets clarity. 

With the new appearance we introduce an associative and recognizable visual style that, with the help of contrast and focus, brings a unique direction and perspective to each topic and theme.


Strong and rich in contrast, like our brand promise 

We remain turquoise – contrasting with strong rock-gray and clean white. This contrast helps to break through the visual “noise” that we all face every day, and symbolizes the clarity of the thoughts and innovative ideas that we put into practice every day in the work we do with our clients.

The Nunatak brand relaunch in the context of “Project Matterhorn”

A new, collective identity for the future

Robert Jacobi, founding partner and CEO:
“We want to help even more clients grow, by means of digitalization and technology, and to help the people there work in a meaningful and sustainable way. On this basis, we want to continue Nunatak’s above-average growth in the years to come. This means further establishing Nunatak in the market and becoming even more present in German-speaking and international markets than we are today. This definitely includes opening additional locations over the coming years. At Nunatak, we are summarizing these goals and measures for the future in our Project Matterhorn.”