Great joy at Nunatak: For the repeated time we have been named one of the best management consultancies in Germany by the renowned business magazine “brand eins” this year. This is the second time we have been honored in the Innovation & Growth category – ahead of large consulting firms with thousands of employees.

The award by “brand eins” is special in that way that no direct application is possible. Instead, the company’s reputation on both the competitive and customer side forms the basis for the ranking. In this context, more than 1100 senior executives from DAX, M-DAX, S-DAX, as well as Tec-DAX were surveyed. In particular, Nunatak performed very well on the customer reviews side. So thank you to our clients!

We are delighted that so much trust has been placed in us, especially during the challenging pandemic times. Should this be possible again, we will celebrate it properly. A big thank you also goes to our team for the extraordinary efforts that contributed to this award.

Above all, we look forward to more exciting and challenging projects where we create positive change with our customers in finance, media, automotive, retail and other industries. Successful transformation and innovation is more important than ever, impossible without digital tools, and we want to contribute to that.

Rock on Nunatakeers!

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