“Engage! Shaping Media Tech Society”. This was the claim of this year’s communication and media trade fair “Medientage München”. From the Nunatak perspective, the melding of the communications and tech world was the most inspiring insights.

There are only few trade fairs that have transformed as rapidly as the Medientage: 10 years ago, the convergence of online and print media was the hottest topic. Today, the community is speaking about Blockchain based solutions, China’s technological advance and Artificial Intelligence.

Both of our Managing Partners joined the trade fair: While Rupert Schäfer presented the panel “Real World Apps – Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts and How Blockchain is triggering innovation”, Robert Jacobi focused on the important topic of “Marketing – local Alliances vs. global giants”.

The central point of his presentation was the competition of cooperating, national companies with the big players in the global market. In a nutshell: companies like Bertelsmann and Springer against the Tech Titans like Google, Amazon and Facebook. The focus of Mr. Jacobi’s talk was on the question of how David can best assert himself over Goliath.

Local players should focus their attention on these five points:

  1. Advertisers want more – and pay for it
  2. Investment in technology is worthwhile
  3. Data is not everything, but without data everything is nothing
  4. A friendship is not yet an alliance
  5. Crucial is only one factor: relevance!

In a following panel he discussed with other experts from the digital industry what the superiority of global players means, which local alliances exist and how they evolve. He also clarified which expectations the advertiser has in general and what needs to be done in the future.

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