Disruption 2019” is the name of a Munich based Digital Conference, at which Nunatak’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner Robert Jacobi will speak on November 7th. The Nunatak Group is partner of the event, which is dedicated to digital growth strategies and the necessary change processes in companies. A Nunatak workshop will focus on the important basics – agile working methods, data-driven thinking and customer centricity. Click here for the conference program (German). In this interview, Robert Jacobi gives insights on how disruptive thinking can be turned into entrepreneurial success:

Mr. Jacobi, what makes a company particularly disruptive?

ROBERT JACOBI: Disruption can be understood as harmless interruption, or as aggressive in the sense of destruction. You cannot expect a company with ongoing business to completely destroy and rebuild itself at the same time. But to interrupt the thinking that has led to outdated beliefs, to services and products that are no longer up to date – that is urgently necessary. Every forward thinking company must take this time. Especially in a phase in which there is pressure to save costs and the business is no longer running as smoothly as it did before. That’s the case in traditional industries.


When will there be the first Chief Disruption Officer?

Good idea – we should suggest that to our customers. But maybe it is not even necessary. Disruption is not a completely new buzzword. Most board members have understood that they have to fundamentally adapt their business models and processes. But there is a lack of implementation across all areas. Thinking from the customer’s point of view, modernizing the technology, becoming faster in everything – that’s crucial. For this to work, we need disruptive thinking in all areas of the company: from development to marketing to human resources. Not just in one department. Courage is important as is the willingness to make mistakes and to learn each and every day.

"Our customers appreciate our provocative approaches."
Robert Jacobi

Is Nunatak itself disruptive?

Let us put it this way: Many of our clients explain hiring us by saying that we are different from the “typical consultants”. We ourselves are trying to figure out what this means exactly – probably it is all about the mixture of analytical quality and strategic view – these classical things – with authentic digital know-how, a pragmatic approach and the responsibility we also assume for the implementation. In addition to that, there is what we call “Nunatakness“: People like our team, they appreciate our provocative approaches, our direct way of communicating, our entrepreneurial thinking – and that seems not to be so common with consultants.

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