A pleasant summer breeze and the entire Flushing Meadows rooftop bar = the perfect conditions for Nunatak’s annual summer festival.

The some 70 guests included current Nunatakeers as well as future team members, alumni, friends from the network and spouses. The larger setting of this year’s summer event was inspired by Nunatak’s “Strengthen Partnerships” motto, encouraged by Robert Jacobi and Rupert Schäfer, Managing Directors & Co-Founders, who’s continuously aim to reinforce existing business relationships and inspire new ones. The relaxed summer setting was casually decorated along with a silver balloon Nunatak logo that blended in perfectly with the view of Munich in the background. A flying buffet of savory finger food was available throughout the evening while the guests had a chance to get to know each other better and newcomers got to experience the company culture firsthand.

Those who last the longest at the Oktoberfest, get the contract

In addition to the fantastic conditions, the founders had come up with something just as special for their speech. They took the effort to say something personal about every current and former Nunatakeer: from the very first employees to the newest interns. About the new coming manager Juliane Albach, they said: “Juliane will soon be joining us from CHECK24. I’m sure she closely compared the contracts”. And also, the alumni were presented humorously: “Hai was hired because he held out the longest at the Oktoberfest” or “Konsti, our first and last Bayern player in the team”.

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The speech was up until then the highlight of the evening, although some of the guests were astonished when a clown making balloon art joined the party a bit later. Rupert Schäfer certainly succeeded in surprising everyone. Mona Müller, organizer of the teams events, was joking that perhaps they ended up at the wrong event that evening. The emergence of the clown idea is pretty amusing too: Mr. Schäfer had previously seen the performance at his children’s birthday party, and thought it would be a fun way to stirr up the summer party.

After many cheerful conversations with colleagues and friends, the evening came to an end, though some managed to make it to a dance club after as well.

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