Digital Mergers & Acquisitions


The ways of becoming a digital game changer are diverse. We want to enable you as our clients to build your own market-entry strategies. Our recommendations are based on carefully executed benchmarking campaigns, productivity and outside-in analyses, market and target screenings, company valuation as well as due diligence. Even if we are specialists for Europe, we also have a broad knowledge in the global context.

The arguments for digitally oriented investments are becoming more and more. While the number of start-ups is increasing particularly in Europe, it is still very difficult to identify and evaluate potentially profitable targets. The question regarding an individually-tailored investment strategy is also hard to answer.

Therefore you need experts like our consultants. Some of them are experienced investors in the web sector as well: They have started companies on their own, accompanied their growth, and participated in organized early-stage funding. We also helped to close several transactions in diverse fields such as content marketing, programmatic advertising or e-commerce as commercial advisors. The total deal volume amounts to several hundreds of millions of euros:

  • We screened the market for promising young companies in e-commerce for the digital branch of a print-focused publisher. To support our client in the investment decision-making process, we also tied different strategic ideas together into a solid framework.
  • For an international services company, we developed a M&A strategy in the field of health care.
  • Our consultants are also experts or start-ups in the video segment: We screened the European market for investment options and evaluated different business models.

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