Data Analytics & Strategy


Data management platforms (DMPs) easily hold large sets of information. With the right approach, retrieving data of interest can be a simple task. Data mining is often at the heart of that digital strategy; it is a key factor to target clients differently and improve decisions and customer journey maps. We help you to implement individually tailored data management strategies – for example by scanning the market for the best-matched DMP or by supporting you ongoingly with actual analytics. Here are some examples of successful projects:

  • For a large media corporation, we set up a big data strategy. It included a customer-specific potential analysis in a data-based field of business – a market estimation as well as analyses of growth levers and individual use cases.
  • We conducted a target screening of data management platforms and accompanied a leading market research company with general investment support.
  • We helped setting up social media monitoring strategies and reportings for several customers

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