New year, new partner: Fabian Göbel on his goals for 2020

Nunatak is kicking off 2020 with an additional partner: Our long-time Principal Dr. Fabian Göbel is now part of our management team, alongside Robert Jacobi and Rupert Schäfer. Welcome! In this interview, Fabian talks about his new role and his goals for 2020. Dr. Göbel, Gerhard Schröder, the former chancellor of Germany, once coined the […]

Ralf Hunecke joins The Nunatak Group as COO

More great news at the end of an exciting year for The Nunatak Group: Dr. Ralf Hunecke will join us as Head of Operations / COO, effective January 1, 2020. Ralf is an experienced organizational and HR expert with an international network and deep industry experience. Before joining Nunatak, Ralf held the Role of Chief […]

Asking the tough questions: The Nunatak Group hosts the DJS

An exchanging of gifts: almost exactly on time for St. Nicholas Day, this week WirtschaftsWoche (WIWO) awarded our team “Best of Consulting Mittelstand 2019” in the category “Pro Bono.” The project that won our team this award: our cooperation with the Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS).   This is a matter close to the heart of Robert, […]

Nunatak wins WIWO Award Best of Consulting 2019

For a change, the corks of the bubbly bottles are popping in our house: We were awarded “Best of Consulting Mittelstand” in the category “Pro Bono” by WirtschaftsWoche (WIWO). The winner was our project for the German School of Journalism (DJS).   Groundbreaking consulting is a matter of course The day before yesterday in the […]

Welcome to the age of AI – Nunatak at DIGICON 2019

Artificial intelligence and its benefits for society – that was the central theme of this year’s DIGICON in Munich. About 350 participants and 40 experts on politics, business and science met in the Palais Lenbach, where – in diverse panels and lectures – they discussed the new worlds that AI can open up. Artificial intelligence […]

“White-water journeys will be the norm”

The development of the economy is currently stalling: years of growth, and now a crisis. In an interview, our Co-Founder and Managing Partner Robert Jacobi explains how companies can best deal with the crisis – and why difficult times can also be used as opportunities. Mr. Jacobi, the long, steady economic upswing has recently been […]

The mobility of tomorrow – for us, it’s already here, today

5:2 – in football, it would be considered a blowout. In our Nunatak Afterwork yesterday, it was at least a hint of things to come. 5:2 – that was the ratio of guests who came to the Munich Nunatak office by e-scooter (5) vs. private car (2). “New Urban Mobility” was the theme of the […]

Jérôme Nonnenmacher on Nunatak’s “new mobility” study

The cards in the mobility market are currently being reshuffled. Automobile manufacturers are competing with start-ups, suppliers or innovative companies. At the latest since 15 June 2019 – the start of e-scooter sharing in Germany – this dynamic is also noticeably arriving at the end user. Our recent study “New Urban Mobility” takes a look […]

Nunatak at the digital conference Disruption 2019

“My house, my car, my grave” – disruptive thinking is strongest when it does not remain stuck in the present. This week, the digital conference Disruption 2019 – in which we participated as partners – demonstrated this concept. The idea of a life-affirming grave came from our workshop on developing innovative business models – but […]

“Disruption means being courageous, not destructive.”

“Disruption 2019” is the name of a Munich based Digital Conference, at which Nunatak’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner Robert Jacobi will speak on November 7th. The Nunatak Group is partner of the event, which is dedicated to digital growth strategies and the necessary change processes in companies. A Nunatak workshop will focus on the important […]

Silke Bonarius in an interview about innovation management

AI, personalized content, virtual reality and augmented reality are central topics in tomorrow’s communication. All the experts say so – but little is happening in practice. A new expert survey conducted by The Nunatak Group together with the Macromedia University of Applied Sciences reveals that it will be six years before the tide turns. That’s […]

Team Offsite 2019 – Bom Dia, Lisboa!

Bom Dia, Lisboa! In a new look – #companystyle – and with three phrases in Portuguese in our luggage last weekend, it was finally time: the 72-hour team offsite in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital on the Atlantic ultimately beat Tallinn and Tel Aviv in a selection process via Slack that was comparable to the Olympics […]

Bits & Pretzels supported by The Nunatak Group

The fifth annual Bits & Pretzels conference had a very special guest lined up for the opening ceremony. None other than former US President, Mr. Barack Obama, opened the leading startup conference in Germany in front of around 6000 founders, investors and startup enthusiasts. As a proud partner of Bits & Pretzels, we take the […]

Rupert Schäfer about Innovation Management

Promoting innovation is rightly at the top of the agenda in companies geared toward the future. And it’s no wonder – after all, everyone wants to initiate the next major developmental step and be first in placing a completely new product in people’s minds and  on the market. But innovation involves much more than just […]

“A summer dropout”: Sabbatical at a Cabin

Senior Consultant goes Cabin Host: In an alpine idyll of cowbells, flower meadows and snow-capped peaks, our colleague Max Hoffmann is currently spending his sabbatical at the Lizumer Cabin. At an altitude of over 2,000 meters. In an interview he reveals how this came about and what exactly he is doing up there.  You’re doing […]


Companies such as McDonalds, Uber and Johnson & Johnson are pulling out the red pencil in marketing and removing the CMO position. Chief Marketing Officers often find it difficult to provide holistic evidence of their contribution to revenue growth. Due to the performance-driven digital age and economic downturn, they must reposition themselves and expand their […]

Our Project Lead Manuel Keller is a manager without borders

The Nunatak Group has been a strategic partner of the foundation Managers Without Borders for almost a year. The foundation organises project consulting with managers from German and other European businesses for partner companies in developing countries with a focus on Africa. Manuel Keller, Project Lead at The Nunatak Group, spent two weeks in Uganda’s […]

Nunatak Networking Night 2019 – Innovation Management

Here is a quick multiple-choice quiz: How many prototypes did engineer James Dyson build before launching the first bagless vacuum cleaner in 1993? A) 578 B) 1.763 C) 5.127  Do you think you know the right answer?? Good! You’ll find the solution at the end of this article. But why is this relevant? Managing Partner […]

These seven mistakes prevent real innovation

Change management and innovation are considered to be the hottest buzz words in future-oriented parts of industry. But it’s not only medium-sized companies and start-ups that are modernising to the max – large corporations are also well-advised to take the trend seriously – even more since news have been piling up of industry giants who […]

Digital Procurement: How Deutsche Bank buys pencils

Imagine the following: A Deutsche Bank employee runs out of pencils, notepads, or batteries for his computer mouse. How will he ensure supplies in 2019? Does he send an e-mail, as has been customary in large companies for many years, with his requirements to the responsible employee in indirect purchasing, who then checks the stock […]

Nunatak 3.0 – Agility as the key to the future

A hierarchical corporate structure, strict 9to5 working hours and rigid processes that have been in place for many years – all of this no longer fits into the year 2019. More and more customers are approaching us because they want more agility for their companies. But only those who set an example themselves can give […]

Nunatak supports “Managers Without Borders”

Aspiring start­-ups and entrepreneurs are not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Africa. Nonetheless, there is an economic system of mid­-sized companies and small­-scale enterprises in developing countries as well. It is precisely these that benefit from the assistance of “Managers Without Borders” Foundation from Stuttgart, Germany. The charity already […]

InsurTech 2.0: Insights from our Nunatak Afterwork

Premiere of our exclusive event series: In a very relaxed atmosphere, our managing directors Robert Jacobi and Rupert Schäfer opened the first Nunatak afterwork event. The hot topic of the evening: “InsurTech 2.0: Battle or cooperation?”. Around 40 guests from established insurance companies, start-ups and consultancies participated in the open discussion at the Nunatak office […]

HOBB – the new hotspot for digital nonconformists

“If software is eating the world, we might as well have a glass of wine.” That was the motto at the “House of Beautiful Business” (HoBB), a rather unusual conference that took place in Lisbon during the Web Summit last week. Together with 300 other guests and “residents” of the HoBB, our consultant Anna-Maria Lange […]


  “Engage! Shaping Media Tech Society”. This was the claim of this year’s communication and media trade fair “Medientage München”. From the Nunatak perspective, the melding of the communications and tech world was the most inspiring insights. There are only few trade fairs that have transformed as rapidly as the Medientage: 10 years ago, the […]

Insurance sector: „Huge differences in mindset“

Many experts predicted an earthquake in the insurance industry through InsurTechs, but this has failed to appear. Collaboration instead of disruption is the new leitmotif. Our new update paper InsurTech 2.0 outlines the ongoing reorganization in the insurance market: increasingly, there is a close alliance between the established insurance groups and the innovative start-ups. Our […]

Digital party and talks in Tel Aviv: The #DLD innovation hub 2018

Israel is THE startup country per se. Approximately 1,000 companies in the tech and online sector are founded every year and only a small, but notably relevant part of it is present this week at the DLD Conference in Tel Aviv – a mixture of conference, festival and urban happening. In addition, the usual suspects […]


What can content managers actually learn from the famously clumsy character of Mr. Bean? A whole lot! This was made clear recently by our exclusive workshop “Storytelling in B2B”, to which we had invited selected managers from the advertising industry. Lesson one: munching Snickers! But first things first: The host of the event, Silke Bonarius, […]

Above the Glockenbach district: the nunatak family celebrates summer

     A pleasant summer breeze and the entire Flushing Meadows rooftop bar = the perfect conditions for Nunatak’s annual summer festival. The some 70 guests included current Nunatakeers as well as future team members, alumni, friends from the network and spouses. The larger setting of this year’s summer event was inspired by Nunatak’s “Strengthen […]

Nunatak at the Influencer Marketing Conference 2018: five key steps to getting started

At the Influencer Marketing Conference 2018 in Munich, eleven leading experts shared their experience in this rapidly growing marketing discipline – incorporating knowledge exchange, case studies, and success models. The topics discussed included the most striking aspects of cooperation with these new opinion-formers, as well as stumbling blocks in the execution. Figures show that there […]

Stefan Hopf at the All Member Summit of the BRI: “The legislative loses connection”

In mid-June our blockchain expert Stefan Hopf traveled to New York to attend the All Member Summit of the Blockchain Research Institute. The both state- and company-sponsored BRI supports more than 70 blockchain projects across multiple industries and is considered one of the leading think tanks in the field. Besides his job at Nunatak, Stefan […]

VZB Fireside Chat with Robert Jacobi: Grasp Blockchain in 15 Minutes

Sometimes it just helps to talk faster – up the speech tempo from Allegro to Presto at a short notice, especially when a highly complex, multi-facetted topic demands clarification in only 15 minutes. Do it in a way where even non-experts understand what it is all about and reach a real “aha” moment. At the […]

Blockchain luminary Don Tapscott relies on the know-how of our colleague Stefan Hopf

  Our senior consultant Dr. Stefan Hopf wrote a white paper on “Blockchain and Industry 4.0” for the globally recognized Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). In order to do so, he analyzed concrete case studies and led interviews with industry experts in the fields of economy, law, technology and production. Among others, he talked to Dr. […]


Making business processes faster, more effective, more comprehensible and less prone to error? Conducting and verifying transactions between individuals, companies andpublicinstitutions almost in real time? Managing and documenting supply chains? The Blockchain technology appears in so many different business contexts and may often seem like an “all-in-one”-IT-solution. However, when it comes to specific Blockchain use […]

Nunatak coaches Bertelsmann executives on digital trends

How do you link the blocks within a blockchain? How many tasks can be taken over by chatbots? Our Nunatak experts Rupert Schäfer and Stefan Hopf discussed these and other exciting, up-to-date questions with their participants at an interactive workshop in Amsterdam. As part of the Bertelsmann University’s talent coaching program, Nunatak coached international executives […]